Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 9: Much of the Same

Just like yesterday, I kept improving my models of the four SET projects. However, I spent most of the day making a variety of attempts at t-shirt designs with varying degrees of success. Later in the day I attended a seminar about remote sensing in relation to forestry, which was interesting.

I'm also going to begin work on my first checkpoint (abstract) in the following days. While I can think of stuff to write for this one it could be a struggle to figure out what I'm going to be working on these next 5 weeks, as I've more or less finished the primary task I've been presented with.

Regardless, here's more pictures:


T-shirt logos/designs:

 Design 1 without full text:

Design 2 without text:

 And some actual text:


New Logo! I think we have a winner here!

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