Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Retroactive Day 1

Put simply, what I expected it to be. 

The first half of the day we broke into three groups to do a competitive scavenger hunt of sorts. This was a fun look around campus and served as a chance to talk/interact with the other interns. Everything was filmed and hastily edited into a short video during lunch time. Our group may not have won, but it was a good match.

The second half of the day (after complementary pizza of course) was getting to meet our advisors and undergrads we'd be working with, as well as a view into what projects they work on. As for me, I was relieved to finally figure out what I'd be doing during these 8 weeks. I'll be drafting their SET (Science Education Technology) projects and aiding them with future development, which seems engaging enough. They seem like a typical bunch of good college kids and should be fun to work with. Now just to find a working computer...

I'm looking forwards to what's ahead, but if there's one thing I learned today, it's that there is always free food somewhere.

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