Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 11: Clean Room Assembly

Since I was more or less done with my drafting work and t-shirt design, I decided to help out all day by assembling a clean room for the center. Remember all the materials I helped move on Day 3? That's the stuff that is being used for the clean room. I forgot to take a picture of our progress, but it was mostly putting metal pipes together and installing plexiglas guards and paneling. Work on the ceiling began but not very much.

My main goal for now is to start I mean uhh...finish my abstract. The problem is that I've completed the work I was expected to and now I'm going to have to hunt down other things to work on, because after this abstract I have no direction. I'm hoping that once I ask around, someone in my lab will come forward and say they need some help with their work. 

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