Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 33: Approaching The End

After finishing up my presentation for our dry-runs tomorrow, I had some time to do a few other things.

- I made a sign for the presentations
- Did some art in my freetime
- The interns decided to do a gift exchange and I was given a sketch notebook and some graphite pencils. Hopefully this will push me to do more art of paper in my free time...

First to present tomorrow, hope it goes well! I've got a good Powerpoint and have summarized everything I need to say. Now it's just the execution.


This may look bad, but I intentionally did this. I converted a .png (image) into a .txt (text) file and ran it through Wordpress, and re-saved it as a image. Makes cool glitch images.

Below was just for fun. Abstract. Reminds me of fractal geometry in some ways.
And here's the sign you'll be seeing if you come to watch our presentations this Friday. Hope to see you there.

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