Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 22: Other Events

Today I continued work on my guides and models and I'm nearly done. I need to talk to the other guys to help check them over, add/change/remove things, and to find out who's been involved in the project to give them credit. Once this is done, I'll figure out how to get them on the webpage. After that, I'll have the other interns rate the guides/models for me.

I also did another eye test for Mia (http://miavyso.blogspot.com/) and Simran (http://visualperceptionrit.blogspot.com/) that was quick and simple but a little...odd. I also did a usability study for the SET projects, even though I'm involved in the process.

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  1. Why was our experiment odd? Because it fails to give us any good information? Well, you don't have to make fun of our failure! Anyways, your pictures look cool!