Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 21: A Talk Among the Work

Today was another standard day of writing and rendering for me. I got more work on my guides and models done and more or less finished my outline, which to be honest is very mediocre in comparison to my abstract.

The highlight of the day was getting to talk to an image scientist who works with NASA. He got his degree right here at RIT too. He described how he uses images to calculate trajectories, measure damage, and anything else you could want to know. He also talked about the correction of lens distortion, which was cool. I was happy when he was asked the question along the lines of "What are some good skills going into the field of astronomical engineering and analysis" and responded with "CAD experience, mathematical skills, and camera/photography knowledge" That's at least 2/3 for me!

Below is yet another thing I do for fun. I draw sketches in my off time, usually with a pencil, but I sometimes do them digitally. This is something done in a flash game and consists of ~7,000 lines drawn individually with a mouse. At this rate I'm going to get carpal tunnel syndrome by the time I'm 18...  

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