Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 23: Finishing Up

Today I can say I'm just about done with my work. I need to now talk to project managers and leads to have them look over my work and add anything they need to. A woman also stopped by that writes for local newsletters focused on educational activity and schools. She talked to me about the work I have been doing and the program in general.

On top of this, the Summer Series today was very enjoyable, especially compared to the previous weeks. One talk was about the inception of Google Maps and investing during poor economic times. The second was about rejection and the associated emotions with it.
Third was about classical music and how it's treated. This was interesting given that I hear classical music a lot but have never gotten into it despite being a huge listener to most other genres of music, especially electronic music.
The last speaker talked about how people tend to not speak up when they see issues because they don't want the inconvenience of fixing it, feel it's "too big" to fix, or feel like they'd become an outcast. I see this problem of willful ignorance and societal pressure all the time, and there's nothing that angers me more. It's a problem that allows an enormous amount of very common and often serious/harmful issues to be ignored out of ignorance, fear, and laziness.

...Anyways, I'm taking a day off tomorrow to take care of some other objectives but hopefully I can enter the final stage(s) of my work on Friday.

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